I’m not normally a fan of traditional politics, nor have I caught much of the 2012 presidential debate, but I did catch the last one tonight, and I must say that I was very surprised by the outcome.

2012 presidential debateBack when I was uninformed on how our country actually works and was really into politics, I though that President Obama, then senator Obama, was very weak in his convictions and lacked a boat load of experience to lead the United States into a greater future… And to be honest, I’ve yet to see much “change” if any over the last few years… Which to be quite honest is now something I will never expect as the President of the United States has VERY LITTLE to do with the outcome of our country’s future. 2012 presidential debate

BUT, tonight, through his experience in office and with the fact that he has been briefed on the happenings of the world every single day of his term, he proved himself to be very strong and knowledgable in terms of whats going on in the world today… Which for me is a bit of a shocker as I had vehemently spoke against Obama’s running and inauguration back in 2008 with the claim that besides him and I differing on some key issues, that he TRULY lacked experience… 2012 presidential debate

“But I believe that I have changed my opinion of our president because of the 2012 Presidential Debate ‘s…”

Now, I’m not saying that his ideology is what we need as a nation, as I truly believe that it doesn’t matter. (This is simply because our country is more so run by the house, senate, the FED and the Bildeberg Group! My Vote is with Ron Paul ;) ) But what I am saying is that Obama has emerged through his experience in office as a greater leader than when he first got into office, and the 2012 Presidential Debate ‘s proved this time and time again. And again, this isn’t an endorsement, just a notice of growth from our President. 2012 presidential debate

 Did the 2012 Presidential Debate ‘s Prove Who Is More Worthy Of Office?

I don’t think it does, though from a debate perspective, Obama is clearly the man that has come out on top. And for the people that are bashing Mitt Romney for being a “flip-flopper”, you have to understand that being a “flip-flopper” is the true marking of an American politician lol! But, all jokes aside, the 2012 presidential debate ‘s also showed how weak of a candidate Mitt Romney truly is. His plans are no better, and are quite possibly worse than that of the current administration… But, within the arena of the 2012 presidential debate ‘s, he clearly showed America that he was the weaker of the two candidates. 2012 presidential debate

So who do I think absolutely conquered the 2012 Presidential Debate ‘s?

I’m going to go with the funniest comment of the night that I saw in my Facebook news feed… The winner of the 2012 presidential debate is “Goldman Sachs!”

All I know is that we as a nation need to rise up and take more personal responsibility for our actions and conditions while here on this earth. Everything that we experience is the direct consequence of every choice we make. We should not be depending on a political figure for our prosperity, and this is one thing that I’ve noticed many people do. Instead of taking personal responsibility, people blame the president, or the economy, or anything but themselves. 2012 presidential debate

When will we as a people realize that reactions like this to life are gutless. You’re broke because you want to be… You’re not big boned, your fat and unhealthy… You’re marriage fell apart because you didn’t do your part to fix it… You just got fired and your life is over (apparently, of course) because you posses limited skills and don’t have much value to offer the marketplace (and NO!, school is not the answer to this!) 2012 presidential debate

I know this post was originally supposed to be a reflection of the 2012 Presidential debate ‘s, but to be quite honest the truth of the matter is that no matter who is President of the United States, YOU and I are responsible for ourselves, and YOU and I need to take on that responsibility not only as a duty to ourselves and our family, but to our fellow man!

Whew… I’m done! LOL! But to recap on the initial point of this article, the bottom line is that President Obama came through on top as the winner of the 2012 Presidential Debate ‘s, HANDS DOWN! And if you can’t be open minded enough to notice a winner because you’re too caught up in your political slant, then… um… Who cares?!

To The Future Of America!

Matthew J. Hamel


Rumors are flying all over the internet about the up and coming iPad Mini and many folks are wondering what it will look like and how much it’s going to cost. With Apple being a household name, most people that currently own Apple products will more thank likely be interested in purchasing the new iPad Mini if they haven’t already purchased a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPad. And for people like me that work from home and travel often to meet new clients, customers and business partner, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!!

What the iPad Mini may look like…

ipad miniThe iPad mini will obviously be a smaller and more compact device than it’s big brother version, the iPad. This is an attractive feature for people looking for the capabilities and features of the regular sized iPad, but never enjoyed the size (such as myself).

The new 7 inch screen of the iPad mini that is being hinted at by tech gurus everywhere is far more portable that the bulkier 9.8 inch screen of the original iPad without having to lose any visual quality whatsoever.

Will the iPad Mini have a “mini” price?

For most people, we know that buying any Apple product comes with a premium price tag… But we also know the investment we’re making as well as the quality of product we have purchased, and it’s probably a no brainer that the iPad mini will share the same quality. But will it still cost an arm and a leg?

Experts suggest that the price of the iPad mini will be in the $249-$349 range, which is still more than it’s  #1 competitor, the Kindle Fire. The pricing of the iPad mini will be the surprise that everyone is waiting for, and if they can keep their price close to that of the Kindle Fire (at only $199), Apple will definitely be able to conquer more of the portable device world.

Update: The announcement of the iPad Mini will be this Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. Keep your eyes and ears out for the future of tablet devices, and get ready to enjoy your new iPad mini!

My wife and I have decided to relocate due to new career decisions and we have decided that the apartments Rancho Cucamonga has to offer meets all of our needs and then some!

apartments rancho cucamongaWe’ve spent most of our love in Rancho Cucamonga and decided a few years back that we wanted to buy a home, but we knew that this decision was going to cost us our beloved Rancho Cucamonga lifestyle due to budget restraints and massive market inflation. Little did we know that the burden we would be putting on ourselves with distance and commuting times would end up killing us!

During this time my wife found her passion in acting and found herself spending 3+ days a week in LA, which from our home in Perris is a 180 mile commute roundtrip. This was definitely putting a strain on our relationship and we quickly decided that we needed to make a change. Thats when we decided that the condos and apartments Rancho Cucamonga had to offer was going to be our ideal situation, for both living day to day life as well as cutting down on her commute into the city.

Fortunately for me, she was the only one in need of relocating as I currently work from home. But you know what they say! “Happy wife, Happy life!”

Apartments Rancho Cucamonga: Where we decided to live…

After doing some extensive research and visiting tons of apartment complexes, condos and town-homes, we found our dream town-home in the Verano community of Rancho Cucamonga. Not only did we love all of the amenities and the layout of our town-home, but the customer service of our leasing agent was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Our favorite part of the town-home is that as soon as you walk in you get the feeling of being in a swanky loft somewhere downtown. It was truly the selling point and the decision maker for our choice in the Verano community.

Apartments Rancho Cucamonga: Verano vs Victoria Gardens Apartments

During our search for the best apartments Rancho Cucamonga had to offer we found ourselves battling the choice between our Verano “loft-feel” and the upscale living and convenience of the Victoria Gardens apartments, we decided that the Verano community offered us far more of a price break for more square footage, and a far superior layout.

And our coveted Victoria Gardens is only a 5 minute drive away!

If your looking for the best apartments Rancho Cucamonga has to offer without having to sacrifice price, style and location, you should definitely give the Verano community a look!

So I was recently doing some music production work down at Paramount Recording studios in Hollywood, and I was speaking to the engineer about plugins, software, etc, and he mentioned to me that he owned a Hackintosh. My response was “a hackintosh? REALLY?! How much did you pay for it?!”

He proceeded to tell me that it cost him around $1,200 to build his hackintosh from the ground up, and that building a hackintosh computer isn’t as difficult as it seems…”

hackintoshYou can only imagine my response of “WHHHAAAATTTTT??!!!” I’ve been running a G5 in my studio for 7 years now and have been wanting to do a major upgrade recently, but I didn’t want to purchase another base model. So when he told me that I could build a hackintosh that would smoke the pants of the high end model of what Apple is currently offering, I was floored, and immediately began searching the web for more info on how to build a hackintosh.

I found a few sites that offer excellent information and resources on how to build a hackintosh, and when I priced my preferred machine together on Amazon.com, I was looking at a bill of LESS than $1,500.00!

The first site I found with excellent resources on building a monster of a hackintosh is lifehacker.com. The guys at life hacker do more schooling on what to expect when building a hackintosh, some of the troubleshooting techniques they use, and even a step-by-step guide to installing the newest MacOS (Mountain Lion as of writing this) on your hackintosh.

Along with the step-by-step written instructions for installing MacOS on your hackintosh is both a picture guide and video guide. They have virtually removed any obstacles to giving the very best hackintosh possible, running the best MacOS available. It’s almost plug and play!

The second website I found that had amazing resources for building a kick-ass hackintosh computer is tonymacx86.blogspot.com. Not only do they give you great advice for installing the MacOS on your hackintosh system, but they give you an amazing set of parts lists to build any Apple machine possible! From the MacPro & iMac to the MacMini, these guys will give you tons of options for processing speed, RAM, SATA HD’s, SSD’s, graphics, etc… You can build your hackintosh to be as basic or as big of a monster as possible.

And here’s the ultimate kicker (at least for me)… You can buy all of the parts for your hackintosh on amazon.com!

With the second site I mentioned above, there are links next to each part you’re going to need for your hackintosh that lead you directly to an amazon.com product page, where you can just start adding everything you need for your hackintosh to your cart right there on the spot. When I was pricing out my hackintosh, I was able to find everything I needed on amazon.com for around $1,444. This INCLUDED tax and shipping! Talk about a bargain!

So the next time you go the Apple store, remember… There is a hackintosh build that’s available to you for a fraction of the cost, with far more capability than that of the models found at the Apple retail stores.

Happy Hackintosh Building!

Matthew Hamel

P.s. If you’re looking for a cool way to generate the extra cash to build your hackintosh, click here!

home business opportunityIf you’re looking for a home business opportunity, then click here!

Sorry if that was too much to the point, but that is what you’re looking for, right? Or maybe you’re just looking for more info on what joining a home business opportunity is all about. Maybe you’re looking to find something that can give you more time for your family… or something that can give you the money to take that long awaited vacation. Not sure what it is for you, but for me, it was walking barefoot on the warm sand of the Caribbean, sipping on a mai-thai, and enjoying the beautiful scenery with my wife.

If you decide on a home business opportunity, these are only but a few things that are possible. My buddy Dave lives in Costa Rica and on his way out to an event, all of the power went out in the country and he wasn’t able to make his normal flight… Know what he did? He rented a private plane and flew to his destination! What if you could rent a plane if you had to get somewhere but normal airlines were booked, delayed or canceled? Imagine the feeling of freedom and control you would have… Feels great right?

“Sure it does, and using a home business opportunity as your vehicle is one of the few ways to do it!”

You can try other types of businesses, but finding a home business opportunity to work will afford you the freedom of your dreams… Free from the bondage of your own brick and mortar company, or even worse, from the bondage of your employer. It allows you to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and how often you want while making more money than ever.

But let me tell you this, a home business opportunity is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the lottery and entitled mentality. But if you can put in the work necessary, a home business opportunity can pay you far beyond your wildest dreams.

And you have to remember NOT to fall for all of the smoke and mirrors that many of us have seen at some of the home business opportunity presentations… This is NOT how it is…

They make it seem easy when you first get introduced to whatever company, but the truth is, if you’ve never been an entrepreneur, you definitely have a learning curve ahead of you.  Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible, and to be honest, it’s not that hard, but you’re definitely going to learn some new skills starting a home business opportunity.

And lastly, if you’re truly serious about designing the lifestyle of your dreams through the means of a home business opportunity, then you have to be committed to building a business that will support your aspirations as well as developing yourself into the leader that is conducive to that lifestyle. It’s not a one size fits all, nor a get rich quick scheme. And if you have issues with delayed gratification, then this may not be the industry for you… For many of us it has taken months, if not years to get to where we are.

This is why if you’re serious about building a home business opportunity, then you need to be ALL IN!


And if you’re looking for a home business opportunity that you can work completely online, then THIS is a must!

To Your Success!

Matthew J. Hamel

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